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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the membership process, and how can I join OQAL Angel Investors Network?

You can join and request membership by filling out the membership form; all requests are vetted and reviewed diligently by our Membership Committee and expect to hear from us within 48-working hours.

Are there specific membership criteria for accepting the investors?

We require prior venture and angel investing knowledge and experience in scaling early-stage startups, and we also recommend that you review our Membership Criteria listed on our website.

We are an institutional investor; how can I join OQAL Angel Investors Network?

OQAL offers a unique tier of membership for institutional investors, which provides a more flexible membership; you could learn more details about this membership tier via visiting our website. 

What are the membership benefits?
  • Accessing local and regional promising startups and investment opportunities and facilitating introductory meetings with founders.
  • Benefiting from the Angel Co-investment Program by the Saudi venture Capital Company (SVC)
  • Facilitating obtaining the Entrepreneurship License from the Ministry of Investment (MISA) for foreign startups backed by OQAL members
  • Accessing training and educational programs and workshops designed and delivered by our collaborators and enablers.
  • Collaborative and syndicate investing with other OQAL members and other partners and networks.
How can I view OQAL’s investment opportunities?

For members with an activated membership, you can access and discover all startups and investment opportunities available through our pitching events and our application.

When and where do OQAL's events are held?

Our pitching and community events are held in different regions across Saudi Arabia and Bahrain; we also have virtual pitching events for our investors.

How many startups are showcased in OQAL pitching events?

Through our pitching events, 5 to 10 startups are showcased and presented to our investors; this number is subject to increase based on the startup’s qualification and readiness.

What is the nature of the startups and opportunities presenting at OQAL pitching events?

We target and source innovative, scalable, and pioneering digital startups from different regions and sectors e.g., FinTech, PropTech, HealthTech, EdTech, Logistics, and Consumer Services, at their early-stages (Seed up to Series A).

How do OQAL investors get matched with startups? How is the communication done?

Our team carries out communication and coordination, and matching investors with the startups is immediately done after the pitching event, providing an overview about the startups and the founding team to facilitate further negotiation sessions and meetings.

What are the next steps after connecting me with the startup or the opportunity?

Our team will continue to support you and facilitate our investment-support services to expedite closing deals according to what the investor and startups need at that time.

Can I invest with other members?

We encourage our investors to collaborate on investments to share complementary skills and knowledge; we also connect investors interested in the same startup/ opportunity and coordinate and facilitate the communication, co-investment, and syndication.

Is there a minimum or maximum limit for the investment amount that I can invest?

There is no cap or limit on the maximum amount to be invested or deployed, as we trust our members’ knowledge, experience, and understanding of their investment thesis and risk-tolerance. Still, the average minimum amount for each investor per startup ranges between 25K-50K USD, equivalent to +100K SAR.

How can I refer a new investor or a potential member?

You can directly share the membership registration link with the potential member; they must enter your name as a sponsoring or referring member.

How can I refer a promising investment opportunity to OQAL?

You can directly share the startup application link with the entrepreneur/ founder; accordingly, the entrepreneur can enter your name as a referring investor.